Copy Editing:


My general fee is 0.005 cents per word for copy editing services. For example, a 50,000 word manuscript would result in a copy editing fee of $250. For this service level, I will do a one time copy edit of your completed manuscript, with a minimum of two passes. This includes proofreading, fact-checking, continuity, grammatical and spelling errors, echoes and repetitiveness.


For a second copy edit on the same manuscript, assuming there are not substantial changes (such as a complete rewrite), the fee is 0.003 cents per word, or $150 for a 50,000 word manuscript.

New clients require a 50% down payment for services the first time we work together, balance due upon completion.***


Blurb Writing:

Blurbs are $40 flat fee, which includes 3 edits.

Cover Art:

Pre-made covers are $45.


Custom covers start at $135, contact me for a quote. Fee depends on complexity of design and stock photo/font pricing.

Promotional materials, such as standing book mock-ups and e-reader mock-ups with your cover. See the premade cover pages for examples. $10 without cover purchase, $5 with cover purchase.


$40 up to 200 pages (in Word), $5 for each additional 100 pages. At this time I only format novels. Picture books and more complex designs coming soon.


**Payments are accepted through PayPal only.  

*** Absolutely no refund after services are completed.

For all your copy editing needs.  Make your manuscript the best it can be.

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